Philippe's 84 cm (33.07") giant snakehead was nicely nailed with a M2 Thunder Frog (Model 1106) lure. This earned him the new length world record for the giant snakehead species.
Pictured below is Jean Francois Helias current holder of over 211 Internation Game Fish Association World Records using the
M2 Thunder Frog!
Thunder Frog Model 1107 Pictured
Thunder Frog Model 1104 Pictured
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Jean-Francois Helias guided a group of 6 international anglers in Malaysia (two from India, two from New Caledonia, one from Belgium, and one from Holland) during the first week of October in 2011. In the first two days they set 3 new IGFA world records for the snakehead spp. category.
Here is Philippe fighting the beast - see how nice the Jean-Francois Helias' Signature Series rod built by Pro Kik bends....
It got more difficult yesterday (Oct. 6) as the weather turned terribly hot. No rain at all. So the fish did not display any activity. We did quite good though as everyone in our party caught good size snakeheads. And one of my clients captured a rare Toman Bunga (Channa marulioides) on top water.

Today Oct. 7, the day was still very hot. My fishing partner in the boat, Philippe Pletincx from Belgium, and I, fished hard but could only manage 3 fish between ourselves. It was Philippe's turn to catch the biggest ones; both on top water.
One being a super biggie estimated in the 6.50 kg mark which qualifies for a new length world record for the snakehead specie as his fish had a total length of 84 cm. Therefore breaking my 80 cm pending record set two days ago.

The big "snake" failed for a M2 Thunder Frog lure in lime charteuse color which was sent to me months ago for testing on our Asian predators by Scott Muth, the M2 lure company owner . We already have caught several good size snakeheads on them. So I profit of the occasion to recommend to every top water angler that particular Thunder Frog lure which works great in territories with lots of aquatic weeds. It can be worked with or without a propeller.
Guided by Jean-Francois Helias from:
Fishing Adventures Thailand
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Written by Jean-Francois Helias
Congratulations to Philippe Pletincx (Belgium) on a new
Giant Snakehead WORLD RECORD!!